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Meet the Game Changer on Your Family Building Journey

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

On a complex journey to parenthood, connecting to one professional can change everything: and you've never heard of them.


Picture this: you want a child - badly. You’re someone who goes for what you want, and you tend to be successful in your pursuits. However, one by one, families around you are growing, and yours is not. So, you’ve spoken to the experts, researched for hours, tried so much, felt the rollercoaster of emotions, and you’re still here. You want a child - badly.

It may not have been that hard to picture the above. It may have been really familiar. The road to parenthood can be long and complex. If you’ve looked for answers, you probably found hoards of people and places who say they can help you - medical professionals, therapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists, adoption agencies, nutritionists, attorneys, fertility clinics, consultants, or psychics. However, there’s one professional who can change the game and your outlook on this entire journey. A family building coach will support you as you find the right tools to overcome the frustration, struggle, and even chaos that meets you along the way to your child.

A family building coach is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to become a parent (or a parent again!) and isn’t going to have a child the “typical” way. “Typical" is in quotes because there has never been one way to bring a child into a family. The sperm-meets-egg without assistance is not the route for everyone for various reasons, and the journey can be complicated. With the help of this type of coaching, you'll learn how to make the process easier for yourself and your partner, if you have one, without feeling like you're constantly fighting an unyielding brick wall.

What is family building coaching?

Family building coaches aren’t like the professionals you may have run into in the past. They’re experts on goal setting and behavior change. The dynamic process will move you toward parenthood and your goals along the way - perhaps deciding your next step, combating invasive questions, advocating to the other professionals helping you, getting on the same page as your spouse, or setting boundaries with your loved ones. Family building coaches help clients develop skills and strategies to help them overcome obstacles, set and reach goals, and make changes in their lives.

Coaching is different from psychotherapy or counseling because it's not about talking about feelings or dissecting your past - it's about taking action on what matters most to you so you can reach the future you’ve been fighting for. Coaching is a process that can help you get clarity on what matters most to you, set goals, create action plans, and take steps forward. Coaching focuses on what is in your control and helps you regain control in the face of frustration, struggle, and even chaos. Through coaching, you’ll be able to find and focus on solutions instead of getting stuck in more problems.

But how will a family building coach help me?

The family building process can be an emotional roller coaster - whether you’re facing infertility treatments, adoption, gestational surrogacy, or using donor gametes. From the moment you realize you will have a more complicated journey to parenthood to the minute your child is first in your arms, family building coaching can be an exceptional experience.

From the beginning

For some, there can be several options to bring a child into your family. You may be somewhat familiar with some - a coworker did IVF, a neighbor adopted a baby from China 20 years ago, and your sister’s friend’s cousin used a surrogate. However, what’s suitable for someone else is not necessarily right for you, and these options constantly evolve. They are often done differently depending on the laws of your area and each provider - not to mention the costs can vary wildly. The research you need to gather while making this decision can be time-consuming, difficult to compare, and stressful. Deciding the way forward can be even more challenging if you are in this process with a partner. Family building coaching supports and guides you as you make this decision and then set attainable goals to accomplish and get completely set up on your path - whether it’s about choosing the best sperm donor, engaging with the right adoption agency, following a nutrition plan for the best IVF cycle, or something else entirely. Family building coaching is all about identifying and supporting your goals so you can become a parent in the best way for you.

Along the way

When you already know your plan and are somewhere along the way of your family building journey, family building coaching is still for you. The road can be long and, at best, bumpy. At worst, there are crater-sized potholes of uncertainty and disappointment, huge roadblocks you didn’t see coming until you drive into them, and loads of pedestrians on the side of your road yelling, “when are you going to have a baby?” All of these things can change a hopeful and determined to-be parent into a heartbroken human being struggling to continue becoming a parent.

Your goals are at the center of family building coaching. While your main goal is likely to bring a child into your life, you also have other goals for this journey. A family building coach supports all of your dreams, such as:

  • deciding on the next steps

  • getting on the same page as your partner

  • readjusting your plans

  • preparing for setbacks

  • coping with difficult situations like baby showers or other people’s baby news

  • setting boundaries with loved ones or strangers who feel have questions and opinions

  • ensuring you can stay focused and present in other areas of your life - your partnership, relationships, your health, career, and well-being - instead of becoming engulfed in trying to become a parent

  • remaining in touch with who you are outside of a hopeful parent

In Conclusion

If you hope to grow your family, having a family building coach who can guide you through your journey is essential. Family building coaching can help with everything from decision-making to mindset shifts, from stress management techniques to prepare for failure and setbacks in your plans. At Growforth Family Building, we know that growing your family can be a challenge; we’re in it together.

To learn more about how we can change the game as you grow your family, join our mailing list at and be first in line for guidance, information & support as you build your family + get a free welcome gift. You can also follow us on. Instagram @growforthfamilybuilding


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