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growing your family can be a challenge.

we're in it together.

is this you?

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Have you spent hours researching what to do?

Fertility treatments, adoption agencies, sperm and egg donors, surrogacy, childlessness...and feel completely

overwhelmed with everything out there because nothing feels exactly right for you.

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Have you been struggling to avoid hard questions and comments from loved ones?
Don't you completely dread hearing "when are you going to have a baby?", "the clock is ticking!", "just adopt!" or "have you thought about doing...?"

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Do you worry your struggle with people-pleasing and toxic positivity is impacting how you cope?
Unsolicited advice, toxic positivity, and the constant juggling act to keep everyone happy make the hard even harder.

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Are you constantly thinking about what to do next and worrying so often that you're losing joy in the present?
It feels like this mission to grow your family is taking up way more space in your mind than you expected.

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Do you feel like this might never happen for you?
It initially seemed like a straightforward path, but now you're worried you've lost your way forward. 


  Kenzi Locks 

this is a partnership on the mission to grow your family

While pursuing parenthood through "non-traditional" methods, a lot can feel completely out of your control. Whether facing fertility treatments, an adoption process, or third-party reproduction, you may feel like you have way too many choices to make - with none feeling quite right. Layering on that family building also comes with lots of unsolicited advice, intrusive questions and toxic positivity - it can be really complicated. Partnering with Kenzi and Growforth Family Building for coaching, support, education, and resources means knowing you found the best decision, finding deeper connections in your relationships, and strengthening your resolve for the journey ahead. I'm here to work and walk alongside you.

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what to expect from your free consultation

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45 minutes to talk through your family building experience thus far and go over what areas you'd like to focus on together.

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We'll complete a preliminary outline of your goals - whether it's making decisions about your pathway to parenthood, building your coping mechanisms for a long road ahead, setting boundaries, managing people-pleasing - or something else!

You'll learn about family building coaching and how it can completely change the experience of growing your family.

what people say

Kenzi has been a voice of encouragement, calm, and reason during our journey. From the moment my spouse and I began sharing details of our plans, Kenzi demonstrated a level of compassion, expertise, and dedication that immediately told me I was in the right hands. Throughout the entire process, Kenzi was there for us every step, answering questions, offering advice, and providing unwavering emotional support. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kenzi and her exceptional skills to anyone looking to grow their family. I am forever grateful for all that Kenzi did for us.

This has been a long journey...Thank you for supporting us to this point.

Kenzi has been an incredible partner in our long journey to building our family. She has been knowledgeable, patient, organized and most importantly, empathetic.  She has always gone above and beyond to leverage her extensive experience to guide us through a complicated and emotionally challenging process. We truly felt we were in the best hands with her by our side. 

We want to take this time to reiterate how grateful we are for you. It feels good to know we have you to look out for us...We remain ever hopeful for the child that we can call our own.

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