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I'm Kenzi, the founder of Growforth Family Building. I am committed to providing a customized and engaging experience that meets the specific needs of your organization - whether it's meeting with a small and intimate group,  hosting a workshop, or speaking at a large conference. I also provide consulting on a short- or longterm basis.

"I really enjoyed the presentation!! I felt that the information was so valuable for our team."

Elyse E., Case Worker

Engaging Those You Serve

engaging those you serve

I connect on a personal level to those with lived experience - always elevating their voices and creating a space to share. I am committed to providing a customized and engaging experience that meets the specific needs of your audience - whether it's an Instagram Live, small and intimate group, workshop, informational panel, or large gathering. I offer both virtual and in-person engagements.

  • pre-adoptive parents

  • infertility patients

  • clients considering third party reproduction

  • the support systems of your clients or patients

  • support group members

  • nonprofits serving those building families

  • professional affinity groups

ideal for

recent topics

  • Donor Conception within the Jewish Community

  • Emotional Considerations When Pursuing Adoption

  • Navigating Donor Conception as a Couple: The Importance of Effective Communication

  • Navigating Toxic Positivity and Pursuing Realistic Optimism After Baby Loss

  • Engaging the Support Systems of Pre-Adoptive Families

  • Is There a "Perfect" Pathway to Parenthood?

  • Navigating and Responding to Toxic Positivity While Experiencing Infertility​

  • How To Prepare to Become a Single Parent By Choice

  • Exploring Open Adoption

recent organizations

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supporting professional growth

Family building is an evolving and dynamic field. I support organizations and professionals through training and consulting projects to best support those they serve. Whether it be a one-time opportunity (virtual or in-person) to learn or long-term contract work that supports your organization's goals; I will work with you to create a tailored and comprehensive plan that will exceed all expectations. 

  • fertility clinic staff

  • social workers and mental health professionals

  • advocates

  • third party reproduction professionals

  • ​​​adoption professionals

  • adoption and third party reproduction attorneys

  • school staff

  • affinity groups within corporate organizations

ideal for

recent topics

  • Supporting Pre-Adoptive Families During the Wait

  • Bridging the Gap: Addressing Infertility Trauma and Its Ripple Effect on the Adoptive Family

  • How Professionals Can Support Pre-Adoptive Parents During Their Wait: A Birth Parent and Adoptee-Focused Approach

recent organizations

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Supporting Professional Growth
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