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I'm Kenzi, a family building coach and licensed clinical social worker with over ten years of experience. I'm passionate about supporting individuals and couples as they navigate the challenges that come from growing their families through fertility treatments, donor gametes, surrogacy, and adoption - as well as supporting and educating the professionals who serve them.

I connect with audiences on a personal level while maintaining a professional demeanor. I am committed to providing a customized and engaging experience that meets the specific needs of your audience or organization - whether it's a small and intimate group,  workshop, informational panel, or large conference. 


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Making difficult family-building decisions 

Setting boundaries with loved ones and navigating the hard questions

Improving and building new support systems through improved communication skills

Navigating toxic positivity while coping with infertility


engaging those you serve

I connect on a personal level to those with lived experience - always elevating their voices and creating a space to share. I am committed to providing a customized and engaging experience that meets the specific needs of your audience - whether it's an Instagram Live, small and intimate group, workshop, informational panel, or large gathering. I offer both virtual and in-person engagements.

  • pre-adoptive parents

  • infertility patients

  • clients considering third party reproduction

  • the support systems of your clients or patients

  • support group members

  • nonprofits serving those building families

  • professional affinity groups

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recent topics

  • Navigating Toxic Positivity and Pursuing Realistic Optimism After Baby Loss

  • It Takes A Village: Engaging the Support Systems of Waiting Adoptive Families

  • Is There a "Perfect" Pathway to Parenthood?

  • Navigating and Responding to Toxic Positivity While Experiencing Infertility​

  • How To Prepare to Become a Single Parent By Choice

  • Exploring Open Adoption

recent organizations

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Engaging Those You Serve

training for professionals

Family building is an evolving field, and staying up-to-date is crucial. I support organizations and professionals as they elevate their knowledge and skills to best support those they serve. Whether this is a brand new topic for you or continuing education, I work with you to create a tailored and comprehensive learning experience that suits your goals. I provide training for small and intimate groups, staff meetings, informational panels, or large conferences. I offer both virtual and in-person training.

  • fertility clinic staff

  • social workers and mental health professionals

  • advocates

  • third party reproduction professionals

  • ​​​adoption professionals

  • adoption and third party reproduction attorneys

  • school staff

  • affinity groups within corporate organizations

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recent topics

  • How Professionals Can Support Pre-Adoptive Parents During Their Wait: A Birth Parent and Adoptee-Focused Approach

recent organizations

Training For Professional
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