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Our name comes from the Middle English term "go forth," meaning:

1. to move oneself forward or onward

2. to depart from a place; to set out

The name evolved because family builders aren't just departing from their current place and going forward - they're growing forward.

our mission

We're here to empower family builders to make purposeful decisions aligned with ethics and the well-being of their future children, and support the professionals who serve them.

family builders

We are committed to working and walking alongside you as you grow your family through "non-traditional" methods - whether due to infertility, health issues, family makeup, or entirely by choice. Every family deserves the opportunity to grow and thrive, and we are here to help family builders access the most helpful resources and information to make the best decision for them and their future children.


We are committed to supporting those doing the work and doing it well. Instead of "reinventing the wheel," Growforth partners with like-minded organizations that support family builders in a variety of ways. We're honored to work behind the scenes and in front of family builders at some of the best family-building organizations around. 

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Advisory Board Member

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Proud Partner

A photo of Kenzi Locks, LCSW HWC. She is smiling and has curly brown hair.

about Kenzi

Kenzi Locks is the founder of Growforth Family Building.

Kenzi has been committed to serving families and family builders since her early twenties. A typical OBGYN visit led to a battery of tests and a two-minute phone call that changed her life's trajectory: She was told she had had PCOS, and it was unlikely she'd be able to have biological children. When the diagnosing doctor essentially hung up on her, without even asking if she had any questions, let alone offering support - something shifted.


While not yet ready to become a parent, Kenzi spent the ten years connecting with family builders who were on their unique journeys, hoping to find support and information that could give insight into her own future. Professionally, she spent those years getting a master's in social work and a health and wellness coaching certificate, working in family preservation and serving families as they grew - often after infertility diagnoses and loss, as well as individuals looking to become single parents by choice and LGBTQ+ couples. 


Kenzi eventually found her own pathway to parenthood and welcomed my beautiful son in 2021 - and the desire to support others through family building continues.

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