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8 Steps to Survive the Holiday Season When You're Struggling to Build Your Family

Tuesday, December 5 | 8-9pm EST

Welcome to the Growforth Family Building Holiday Party! While we don’t have a gingerbread house contest or festive music playing, you’ll leave far more prepared for your other upcoming holiday events!

  • Worried grandma will pinch your cheek and tell you that your biological clock is ticking?

  • Planning out how to avoid your coworkers showing off their holiday photos filled with their kids?

  • Just know the holiday-themed baby announcements are about to hit your feed when the Thanksgiving ones just ended?


We’re going to run through 8 steps to survive the holiday season when you’re struggling to build your family - and there will be time to talk about your worries (and even your specific relatives!)

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Navigating & Responding to Toxic Positivity While Experiencing Infertility

Explore the challenges of dealing with toxic positivity while going through the difficult journey of infertility and how to respond to it with grace.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 1.27.08 PM.png

Navigating Toxic Positivity After Baby Loss

A discussion about toxic positivity, realistic optimism, and the many authentic and, at times, conflicting emotions in the aftermath of loss

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 1.21.36 PM.png

Is There a "Perfect" Pathway to Parenthood?

How does one reconcile all the big, heavy, and sometimes conflicting feelings about a parenthood journey that's not looking at all how you pictured? And how do you set loving boundaries to care for yourself during this process?

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