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family building coaching

how it works

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12 full weeks of dedicated, virtual family building coaching and support

1x - 75-minute initial breakthrough call to identify your vision and develop your action plan

11x - 45-minute coaching sessions to support you on your pathway to parenthood and move you toward your goal

Direct message support between sessions to ensure you remain on track

Access to members-only tools

Add-on option for post-coaching support


how do I get started?

The first step is to schedule free consultation so we can get to know each other and go over the coaching process before setting up your plan. 


During our 45-minute consultation session, we'll talk through your family building experience thus far and and go over what areas need focus.

We'll complete a preliminary outline of your goals - whether it's choosing your pathway to parenthood, building your coping mechanisms for a long road ahead, setting boundaries with loved ones - or something else!

You'll learn about family building coaching and how it can completely change your experience growing your family.

We'll decide the way forward together!

what people say

Kenzi has been a voice of encouragement, calm, and reason during our journey. From the moment my spouse and I began sharing details of our plans, Kenzi demonstrated a level of compassion, expertise, and dedication that immediately told me I was in the right hands. Throughout the entire process, Kenzi was there for us every step, answering questions, offering advice, and providing unwavering emotional support. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kenzi and her exceptional skills to anyone looking to grow their family. I am forever grateful for all that Kenzi did for us.

This has been a long journey...Thank you for supporting us to this point.

Kenzi has been an incredible partner in our long journey to building our family. She has been knowledgeable, patient, organized and most importantly, empathetic.  She has always gone above and beyond to leverage her extensive experience to guide us through a complicated and emotionally challenging process. We truly felt we were in the best hands with her by our side. 

We want to take this time to reiterate how grateful we are for you. It feels good to know we have you to look out for us...We remain ever hopeful for the child that we can call our own.

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